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The ABS difference. If you are shopping for replacement bodywork you may ask yourself: Is there really any difference between ABS Fairings and any of the other fairing manufacturers? And if so, what separates us from the rest?
The simple answer is quality, fitment & service. There are currently over 50 factories that produce motorcycle fairings, each having their own standard for quality. ABS Fairings has the experience, the equipment, and the talent that truly sets us apart.  If the others are the same as we are, why would they copy so many ABS innovations & designs?

About ABS FairingsOur History. This year we celebrate our 8th year since our factories opening in 2008. Our humble beginnings were spent creating custom race windscreens for the latest sport bikes & the occasional cafe racer. We eventually expanded into a full size facility now specializing in high end graphics & custom paint work on our precision molded fairings. Many of our customers have tried the cheap eBay fairings before,  and they always tell us they just don't compare with ours. 

We attend all of the major motorcycle events in our industry, including Daytona Bike Week, Stuntwars and AMI Expo.

In early January 2013 our factory was partially destroyed by an accidental fire. What replaced the original factory was a completely new, state of the art manufacturing and design facility. ABS Fairings 21,000 sq. ft. factory now uses the latest Injection Mold machines, 5 in total, and the very best paint facility which includes 3 new paint booths, 2 full conveyor dryers, and major improvements to quality control.

We don't just offer bodywork, we can customize your entire ride for a great price. Powder coating & custom painting services are very affordable & our mail-in service makes it an easy process. We've also expanded into custom brake lines, race levers, HIDS, & frame sliders. All of our products are tested on our bikes to the extreme & we stand behind everything we make or sell.

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The ABS Fairings Paint Process

ABS Fairings Brand PlasticABS Fairings® Mold: It starts with Japan imported virgin thermoplastic. It’s flexible, durable, and able to withstand extreme temperatures. We inject our high quality ABS plastic into an exact spec mold so the fairing is made with precise measurements, just like OEM.

Sanding FairingsPrep Work: A 2-part primer is used next followed by a “sealer” coat. By properly priming and sealing the parts, the final finish will look brilliant & last years to come.

Base PaintsBase Coats: We generally apply 2-3 coats of base and secondary colors. This can be one of the most time consuming steps depending on the complexity of the design. Then we use an UV light drying process.

Decal ApplicationApplying Graphics & Decals Before we apply graphics or decals we spray a light “inter-coat clear.” This keeps the base coat colors safe while we cut & fit graphical elements.

Clear Coat PaintingClear Coat: This is one of the most important steps to a beautiful paint job. We use Fortune 2-part clear coat with an additive flex agent. We carefully apply 2-3 generous coats to ensure adequate protection and a brilliant shine. Then we use an UV light drying process.

Inspection & PackagingPackaging: While this step may not seem as intense as the others, it’s during this time all parts undergo our quality control inspection. We don’t just check every tenth or hundredth fairing, we check every single part to ensure it’s 100% perfect 

We use high quality UV light Solidification.

Please beware of other motorcycle bodywork websites that say they are the only motorcycle bodywork supplier to use UV paint technology. This is simply not true and they should not be trusted.

Please beware of other websites that do not have a United States address because they are not held to the same standards of American laws, rules, regulation and ethics.

ABS Fairings has been in Florida for over eight years paying USA Taxes and supporting USA motorcycle riders and the USA military with discounts and sponsorship programs.

Please beware of other motorcycle bodywork only websites that state they are The #1 sport bike Store in the Untied States and the World with out any proof. They should not be trusted. How can you have a store with out an address, really?

Please beware of other motorcycle bodywork websites that give away bolt kits to try make a sale. ABS Fairings would never give a customer cheepO stuff because we care about our customers after the sale.

Please beware of other websites that Photoshop different colors onto the product to make themselves look bigger than they really are. Then try to hide their sloppy work under watermarks. 

Please beware of bodywork with trade marked decals on them, These companies get stuck in Customs all the time at the customer's loss. Over eight years of shipping worldwide has made ABS Fairings a trusted source.  

Please beware of other motorcycle bodywork websites that claim to have guarantees and warranties but do not have an USPS confirmed address to return the kit to. Make sure you know what it will cost you to return the kit. For example to ship a full fairing kit from Florida to China is about 500.00 out of your pocket. So, in reality that is not really a guarantee or warranty at all. ABS Fairings return shipping address is 941 Tamiami Trail, suite E port Charlotte Florida 33953

It comes down to this: You could go through a bunch of cheap aftermarket fairings and end up spending more because you’ll have to replace the brittle, fading, and ill-fitting parts year after year, or you can buy a quality made fairing set from a reliable company with a track record of supporting the customer after the sell. When you consider everything that goes into ABS bodywork, it’s a bargain compared to OEM.
Your bodywork represents your motorcycle and they’ll be on your bike for many years to come, so compromise somewhere else.

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